Currently, I work with a limited number of new clients a month. Let’s talk if you want to work with me and decide if we are a good fit.

You are here to make the most important investment. Most successful people know how important it is to invest in themselves. With coaching you will benefit much more over times.

Do not hold back because you deserve to live to the fullest every day.

Taking control means you are not waiting for others to make the right decision for you. You know what to do now.

There are many options available to work with you. The most popular one is the breakthrough package.
Choose one from below.

One Leap Session

It is a single session of 90 minutes of length.
It is for specific imminent necessities, practical nature, focused on a precise goal

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All The Packages Below Offer Free Email Access

After your consultation, based on the issues discussed a package will be recommended to offer you the tools you want to make the important lasting changes in your life. You are the master of your life. You can also decide if you want a different package.

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Breakthrough Package (Most Popular)

3 Months
1 90 minutes
9 following sessions of 60 minutes

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Mindtime VIP Package

6 Months
1 90 minutes
12 following sessions of 60 minutes

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Mindtime Ultimate VIP Package

If you are seeking to make major changes this package is for you.
1 90 minutes
24 up to 75 minutes following sessions of minutes
Unlimited email access
2 15 minutes a month check in if something important comes up.

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Also available upon request Recovery Coaching and Sober Companion Services
I accept all major credit cards. Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover and more. Also payment can be completed using PayPal.

Do You Need Help to decide Which Package Fits you the best

Please contact me if you need help to make a final decision.